About BT

Originally founded in 2012 as Event Planners, we rebranded and expanded our Big Thinkers professional services based on our then current clients additional needs for service and of course our expert teams know how to get those needs met.

We are team of influential business leaders from across the country maintaining solid, effective and collaborative relationships providing outstanding and affordable solutions for your business or organization. 

What We Do?

We are Business Consultants and Growth Strategists

Big Thinkers is connecting business to business, people to people and expanding business growth with each strategic connection.   We work with you to identify, evaluate, develop and implement solutions for business growth.  Has your business hit a pateau?  Maybe you are seeing an decrease in business?  Let our growth strategist provide you with solutions for business growth. 

Who Are Our Clients?

Small and Medium Sized Business

The Aspiring Entreprenuer

Corporate Leaders 

Our Featured Services